Noteworthy Merits

Information Technology

  • Managed a staff of technical and investigative professionals for the City in a highly complex and dynamic environment.
  • Motivated, encouraged and developed staffs’ skill sets.
  • Shared knowledge to reinforce learning and creative thinking.
  • Established, planned and administered the overall policies and goals of the Division.
  • Managed and coordinated contract and vendor relations for all IT related contracts for IT Consulting and Systems Integration services, and hardware and software refreshes.
  • Implemented the Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP).
  • Developed an IT Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Revised and contributed in the testing of the Emergency Procedures and Response Plan.

Investigative Operations

  • Supervised the support, distribution, training and use of electronic surveillance technology and communications for all field and undercover operations.
  • Performed undercover operations  and conducted highly confidential internal and external investigations into corruption and other criminal activities.
  • Assisted and participated in the execution of many search warrants.
  • Applied and received a grant from NYS implementing the conversion of all analog evidence to digital creating an established set of policies and procedures revolving around evidence handling, chain of custody and data integrity.

Project Related

  • Implemented a digital forensic lab and trained criminal investigators in the acquisition, analysis and reporting of digital evidence using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and open source forensic software and hardware products.
  • Setup and implemented  a CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) compliant lab to connect to NYS OCTF utilizing Penlink and Lincoln servers.
  • Created an isolated forensic network that was fully functional independent of QA and Production environments.
  • Gathered evidence from computers, servers, mobile phones, GPS devices, IDS/IPS, routers and firewalls for analysis, tracing and tracking of users and hosts.
  • Traced emails to establish source as well as relevance.
  • Created the Policy and Procedure Recommendations (PPRs) database.
  • Compared NYPD warrants database with City employees to identify City employees who had outstanding warrants.

Case Related

  • Performed ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments of applications, computers and networks.
  • Field operations team leader for all digital evidence.
  • Participated in covert and overt field acquisitions.
  • Wrote Rider for subpoenas to various companies including internet, application and social network service providers.
  • Interviewed elected officials, agency and company directors, managers, network and support staff, and other persons of interest.
  • Tracked rouge wireless devices and other access points for theft of services.
  • Traced where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from a VIP account was sent or synced from a mobile device via text, email and cloud accounts.
  • Performed root cause analysis of various malware including a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attack that originated from a vendor’s laptop connected to the production network.
  • Identified patient zero of a major malware outbreak within an industrial control system.
  • Investigated and removed Intellectual Property (IP) from various external devices recovering and wiping all the locations IP was stored.
  • Created an event timeline from several electronic devices and datasets proving an employee was impersonating another to fraudulently share profits.
  • Proved that the chain-of-custody wasn't followed for a criminal mobile forensic case.
  • Acquired and analyzed a mobile device to obtain additional information of a victim within a suicide case.
  • Acquired and analyzed an internal vehicle GPS system to determine vehicle's waypoints for a homicide case.
  • Enhanced audio to provide evidence to support a cyber stalking case.



Security Practitioner

Lead Investigator


Former law enforcement officer

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